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Ransom Notes

Sep 1, 2020

Content Warning: This will contain language, beliefs, references and information that may offend listeners.

Channel Zero Network shoutout to Time Talks


  1. Invasion - Jeru The Damaja
  2. Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do - Run DMC (prod. The Bomb Squad)
  3. Tolerate - Freestyle Fellowship
  4. Police Mafia - DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta) (feat. Leleprox, Picciotto & Tristan Mazire)
  5. Don't Worry - Canna Man & Dark Matter (feat. HAY ONE)
  6. Bite Through Stone - Ceschi Ramos  (prod. Factor Chandelier feat. Keith Kawaii, Alex Burnet & Natalie Plaza Carballo) 
  7. CS Step - agit-hop
  8. Rap anarchico - skit - DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta)
  9. Inner City Boundaries - Freestyle Fellowship (feat. Daddy O)
    1. Huey P Newton cont...

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